Criminal Law

A scene that needs a criminal defense attorney in Hannibal, MOHaving a criminal record at any age can hold you back throughout your life. Criminal charges can range from a drunk driving charge to a more serious assault charge. The consequences of these charges are serious; they can prevent you from getting employment, hinder your ability to find a place to live and may even prevent you from obtaining a student loan.

When you’re facing any criminal charges in the state of Missouri, you need an attorney who is willing to fight hard for your rights in Missouri courts. You want a lawyer who will understand the severity of the charges you’re facing and be willing to be a relentless advocate for you in court.

At Bond Law, LLC we know the stress you are under when you’re facing criminal charges and we’re happy to explain the entire process you’re about to be a part of to you. We’ll also review all of your options with you so that you understand the risks you’re facing. Together, we’ll find the solution that best meets your needs and help you move forward.