DivorceDivorces are challenging and there are numerous issues to be worked out between spouses. Some of the more complicated issues are property division, child custody and ongoing support payments for children and spouses. We understand the stress and pain you are facing as you go through this difficult process and we’re here to serve as your advocate.

Missouri family courts follow strict guidelines for determining child support so while this issue is typically very straightforward, you may be facing specific financial demands that require you to ask for additional support. A child who needs specialized medical care, who has unique educational needs and other issues which can impact a custodial parent’s financial status should all be taken into consideration.

My approach is simple: I’ll sit down and discuss your unique situation and help you determine the best way forward during the divorce process. I’ll make sure your rights and the rights of your children are protected during this painful process. Contact Bond Law Firm, LLC today for all of your divorce needs in the state of Missouri.