Estate Planning

Estate PlanningWhether you are approaching retirement or you’ve just welcomed a new baby to the family, you should consider an estate plan. The right estate plan provides guidance to your family members so they understand your wishes about distributing your assets and providing for your care in the event you are incapacitated in an accident.

The most effective estate plans are designed with your current financial status, family status and your future goals in mind. While many people believe only those who are very wealthy need an estate plan, this is a fallacy. We’ll work hard to draft a comprehensive plan including powers of attorney and end-of-life directives as well as provide the means to transfer your assets to your surviving heirs.

When you need an attorney to help with your estate planning, including your wishes for care should you be disabled and a vehicle to ensure your assets are transferred to your heirs in the manner you dictate, contact Bond Law Firm, LLC at (573) 769-6155. Our offices are conveniently located near Hannibal, Missouri and we serve clients in the entire state of Missouri.