ModificationsMany people mistakenly believe after a divorce they will have no further need for a Missouri divorce attorney. However, even when a court has ordered child support or spousal support payments or custody and visitation matters are settled through court order, there may be reasons to work with a family law attorney to change the terms of the original agreement.

Modifications of court orders may be required when there is a significant change in income or expenses when a parent’s health or work schedule means they are unable to make court-ordered payments or when there is a change in a parent’s ability to care for the physical needs of their children.

At Bond Law Firm, LLC we’ve helped families through difficult divorces and helped them modify existing court orders. Your children’s relationship with both parents is important but we can show the court why these changes are necessary and how they will impact your child. Call our Hannibal, Missouri office today at (573) 769-6155 for all of your post-divorce court order modification needs in the Hannibal, Missouri area.