trafficTraffic violations are costly in more ways than one. Even a violation of traveling one mile over the speed limit could mean a ticket for more than $80 and a points assessment on your license of as many as four points. This simple violation could result in a license suspension warning. Remember, Missouri driving laws state any driver with more than eight points on their license in 18 months will lose their rights to drive for 30 days.

We help you fight unfair traffic tickets in the state of Missouri. We understand you need your license to maintain your employment, take your children to school and take care of your family. We will fight hard to prove you were not violating any state or county ordinance while you were operating your vehicle.

Drivers who are stopped on Missouri roadways should avoid answering any questions posed by law enforcement beyond providing your name and address. Immediately ask they contact a traffic violation attorney at Bond Law Firm, LLC to ensure your rights are protected and you do not accidentally admit to wrongdoing.