Reduce Your Own Missouri Speeding Ticket

So… got a speeding ticket in Missouri and want to see if you can get it reduced without an attorney?  Each county in Missouri handles these things differently, and I can’t guarantee success, but the following will give you a few tips that just might help.

Usually, the prosecuting attorney wants to see a history of your driving.  Thus, if your driving record is bad or you have a few tickets that are three years old or older, then you should consider purging your Missouri driving record.  Go to the Missouri Department of Revenue website and it will tell you what tickets can be removed and which tickets cannot be removed.  Simply mail or fax a request.  That information is on their website.

Next, you’re going to provide a copy of your “clean” driving record to the prosecuting attorney and ask that prosecutor to amend your speeding ticket to a non-moving violation (i.e., bad muffler).  If you have a commercial driver license you may want to request an amendment to a parking violation so you don’t have a record of equipment failure.  You could do this in court or send a letter to the prosecutor ahead of time.  If you choose the mail option, be sure to include a copy of your driving record and your request for the amendment.  If you choose the latter then you’ll need to follow up prior to your court date.

Even if the ticket is amended, the cost of the fine may or may not go down.  The purpose of the amendment is two-fold; (1) a non-moving violation may help you keep your auto insurance from going up, and (2) if you get another ticket your driving record will still be clean and you may have another shot at a non-moving violation again.  Hope this helps.